Simple but Powerful Technique to Getting Abs Fast

You probably have seen many photos of both men and women showing off their flat stomach and nice 6 pack abs, and wished that you could acquire them. This desire has driven many to want to know how to get abs fast.

You want the sexiness, confidence and every other thing that comes with having a well defined six pack abs. Despite being highly desirable, many realize that getting them is not that easy.

The main contributors to the level of difficulties are our stubborn body fats and hectic time constraints. Just like with every other goal or dream, it requires some level of dedication to attain it. Continue reading

Do You Want To Get Six-Pack ABS Fast? Read On

Are you looking for that elusive flat belly? Getting a six-pack ABS can be a difficult and for some people, a lifelong quest unless you take more effective steps towards your goal. This is usually a combination of dieting and strict exercise regime that helps you work out all your abdominal muscles and realize your dream of a six pack ABS. 

However, there are many websites and bodybuilding “gurus” who promise you heavenly ABS at almost zero effort cost but these are rarely effective and you will end up getting scammed and caught up in flashy advertisements which deliver zero value.

There is no short-cut to getting a six pack ABS and you really have to apply the right nutrition and training regimen to succeed.  A significant part of this will involve applying the right kind of diets in your daily lives. This must then be complemented with the right kind of compound and cardio-exercises.  Here is a simple procedure that you can use to get your ABS fast without resorting to “secret” fads which might not be healthy for your body. Continue reading

Basic But Detailed Guide To Get You Six Pack Abs

By now, you likely know what is required to obtain abs. In case you do not, here is a brief recap on the subject:

  1. Abdominal muscles are not capable of much sizable growth. Therefore, their visibility is dictated by the amount of fat surrounding these muscles.
  2. Spot reduction is a myth. Fat cannot be lost in a single area. You must incur a general weight loss. The difference may be more noticeable in certain areas, but you have no control over where.
  3. Abdominal exercises are either garbage or useful, but not for the reason you believe. Sit-ups require hip flexor activation, which takes away from abdominal engagement. You can click here to view a list of abdominal exercises and their momentous activity levels in electromyography readings on Wikipedia.
  4. Being able to make your abs visible will require more diet planning than anything. One can obtain a six pack without going to the gym as long as they eat the right foods, but one cannot get a six pack by going to the gym if they eat the wrong stuff.
  5. Six pack abs usually become visible when you break the 10% body fat mark. They will become more defined as the body fat gets lower. To lose a pound of weight, you must achieve a caloric deficit of 3,500 calories. You can use this and calculations of your body fat percentage to get a rough idea on how much weight has to be lost to reach a certain level, where visibility of the abs will be increased.

These five notes should sum up some basic pieces of information on obtaining a six pack. Now that this has been covered, it is important to go into detail on how you can obtain a six pack by eating right.

Dieting Tips For Obtaining Six Pack Abs

Firstly, the main focus will be on your ability to create a caloric deficit. Weight loss truly occurs on the principle of calories in versus calories out. This rule dictates that in order to lose or gain weight, one must have a deficit or excess of calories. This can be averaged out over time.

For men looking to get a six pack, a caloric deficit of 500 calories from maintenance is advised. You will want to factor your activity levels when determining your maintenance amount. You can click here to find an effective BMR calculator that lets you do just that.

This is the simplest of ways to prepare you to be ready for dieting with the intent of obtaining six pack abs. You can dig a little further though. Firstly, you should consider the physical activities that you are using to make the results come quicker. Likely, you will be doing weight training and cardio. So, and since the dieting aspect is pretty straightforward as far as the golden rules are concerned, let’s look at the best ways to approach each form of exercise.

Weight Training Tips For Six Pack Abs

Here are three quick tips to help you with weight training with the intent of getting six pack abs. Chances are, you have not heard of all of them.

1)Sit-ups are BAD!

Okay, this one you may have heard about already. Actually, it was touched in the recap found at the beginning of this article. It is important to reiterate though, sit-ups are BAD for you. They take too much activity from the hip flexor to get any real momentous activity in the abdomen. You have to do a lot of them to even get the artificial burn. In the meantime, you are doing damage to your lower back and possibly your spine while spewing out completely unproductive results.

2)Work for the V-shape!

No, this is not the same V-shape you are thinking about – you are thinking about the V-shape that comes from your obliques encasing your abs, right? That’s not the one!

In this case, the V-shape is the shaping of your back. You may think that this does not affect the visibility of your abs, but it actually does. The reason for this is simple. When your back is wider, your upper half of your torso is wider from the front. If this is done because of weight training results and definition is obtained, then you will make yourself look narrower at the waist. This, along with possibly broader shoulders, will give an added boost to the visibility and prominence of your abdominal muscles – even if you do not have much to show off.

3)Avoid the obliques!

The oblique muscles are an important part of your mid-section. However, they should not be a key component of your weight training regimen if you are looking to lean down and get six pack abs. The reason for this is because when you perform oblique exercises, you are hardening and enlarging the oblique muscles.

This is what you would expect, but what will usually go unnoticed are the negative effects that this can have. Working the oblique muscles, especially with weighted exercises, will give you a widened mid-section look, which is almost similar to the look that is caused by unwanted love handles.

In regards to weight training, it is simple. You are using bodybuilding principles with the interest of getting showcase abs. This will require you to approach it with visibility in mind. You want to make the abs pop as much as possible. To do this, it is advised that you consider each of these three weightlifting tips.

Cardio Tips For Obtaining Six Pack Abs

Cardio is another valuable tool for working towards six pack abs. This is used to burn more calories, so that you create a greater deficit. Many will choose walking, jogging, running, or cycling as their form of cardio exercise. However, there are more effective forms of cardio training for fat loss purposes.

Your secret to success is HIIT or “high intensity interval training” as this will maximize fat loss and allow you to burn an extreme amount of calories in a short period of time. This form of cardio will not be fun, but it is better than steady state and low intensity cardio.

Be prepared though, some have even thrown up from pushing themselves so hard on the first day of HIIT training. It will not be easy the first few times, but once you get conditioned it will be a breeze.

HIIT is pretty simple. You train at high intensity in intervals. To give you an idea, your HIIT routine may look something like this:

  • Jog for four minutes
  • Sprint for 30 seconds
  • Jog for two minutes
  • Sprint for 30 seconds
  • Jog for one minute
  • Sprint for 30 seconds

The last two parts would then be repeated around 10 times. Of course, there are many different ways you can approach this type of training and you are free to modify it based on you preferences. You can click here to get more insight on HIIT and some example routines so you will be able to easily create your own routine to follow.

So this article has given you a generous amount of insight on how to get abs, from the kitchen to the gym. What comes next is initiative. This is where you get to grab yourself (not literally) and install a new routine in your brain.

From here onward, you are going to eat and train with the full intention of getting six pack abs. Don’t worry about when, just train for it and it will happen and the rest of the fitness gains will be more rewarding than the icing on the cake that may have gotten you here in the first place.

The Quickest Way To Get Six Pack Abs

The vast majority of people that want abs…want them now. It would not be an assumption to assume you are no different. Now, before advising on the ways you can go about quickly obtaining a sick pay, it is important to be realistic. You must know the facts, or else you may set a goal and get very discouraged if it is missed.

Here are three simple facts.

#1 – A Six Pack Takes Hard Work

That is the word that no one wants to hear – hard. Getting a six pack will require hard work and discipline, but it is nowhere near impossible. In fact, everyone is able to get a six pack and everyone already has one. The only difference is how much fat is covering it as some are carrying more than others in their mid-section. Remember that: fat is covering your mid-section, which consists of your abdominal muscles.

#2 – You Don’t Need To Do Sit-ups

This is a general statement. Scratch sit-ups particularly, you do not even need to do any ab workouts to get abs. Now that is some cold hard truth that you were not expecting to hear. Yes, you can get abs even if you do not exercise at all. However, to get the best results and to get them quick, you will want to exercise. Where the confusion comes is in regards to what particular exercises you will have to do. It is not about sit-ups at all, this is actually one of the worst exercises you can do as it activates your hip-flexors and takes abdomen engagement out of the question.

  • Bicycle crunches
  • Exercise ball crunches
  • Captain’s chair
  • V-ups
  • Supermans
  • Torso racks

Those are all examples of quality abdominal exercises. Now, guess what…just because you have to work out to get the best results, it doesn’t mean you actually have to do those either!

You should be doing those exercises. It targets the muscle. However, abs do not grow in size much. Weighted abdominal exercises also enforce widening of the waist – not always, but it is a fact. This can take away from your six pack look. So, bodyweight abdominal exercises will suffice. On top of that, you will want to do light weight training with the intention of maintaining muscle mass.

#3 – Food Is What Matters

A six pack shows or hides depending on how you eat. Even people with defined six pack abs may notice a major decrease in definition after bloating up. You just likely have to deal with bloating of sorts to a greater extent. You carry a bit more fat on your mid-section than you would like. That’s okay, you can fix that so that your abs are visible…but you will have to get your diet in check.

What does this mean? First, you need to cover the basics of diet and not worry about every little technique to fine-tune it for perfect abs. You need to jump start your weight loss and get burning the fat off, while maintaining your muscle mass. So, there are two things you have to do:

1)Maintain a caloric deficit every single day

Every day, you will want to make sure that your calories coming in are less than your calories going out. This will create a caloric deficit. For every deficit of 3,500 calories, you will burn off one pound of body weight. This pound will be composed of fat, muscle, and water. The second step will explain how you can make sure the majority of the weight that comes off is from fat.

How much of a deficit do you need each day? Many will recommend cutting 500 calories off of what your body would use in a day to start. You can begin increasing the deficit as you see results. After all, your caloric maintenance requirements will be less than they were after you lose some weight. By gradually lowering, you will further delay plateaus from showing up. You can make fine-tuning to your diet plan to make your abs as prominent as possible after you get below 10% body fat (if male), as that is when you usually begin seeing abdominal definition.

2)Combine weight training with protein intake

You will need to make sure that you maintain muscle mass. This ensures your abdominal muscles are as large and visible as possible. It also makes sure you keep a figure shape that showcases your abs instead of takes away from them. The weight training part can be chosen on your behalf, but just make sure you look into compound movement exercises. These train the whole body and require core activation, which is great for strengthening and developing muscles in your mid-section.

You will need to get a sufficient amount of protein each day. Aim for around a gram of protein per pound of body weight that you carry. This is sufficient to make sure that you do not lose any real amount of muscle mass as you lose weight. Therefore, you will be maximizing your fat loss as weight is lost and you will be further improving your fitness look to make your abs stick out even more.

NO MORE EXCUSES – What Do You Do Now?

Really, anyone that is discouraged about getting abs cannot say that they still have any excuses. This is all straightforward. Now, the road to getting them comes down to understanding the science of weight loss and muscle mass, but that is just the basic principles – most of which was outlined in this article. Your next responsibility will be to apply this knowledge, which will require some mathematical factoring to make sure you get the deficit you need.

If you get into a diet and fitness plan, then you will see results. However, the difference between succeeding and failing is your determination and consistency. Make sure you stay on track, monitor your progress, and make changes as you see fit. If you make any errors along the way, make sure you do not falter anymore and get right back on the path to abs because they will come as long as you work for them.

Find Out The Real Way To Get Six Pack Abs

So many people are easily fooled by the false information provided on the Internet. There are endless websites that dish out fitness and nutrition advice on a whim. Their statements are usually backed by a pay check. After all, affiliate marketing is the force behind a lot of the content that you find on the web.

The false information is no different when looking at subjects on how to get six pack abs. The simple truth is that many articles are written in a fashion to sell you on their diet, book, or product. Can you count the number of ab machines you have heard about in your lifetime? What about with one hand? Chances are good that there is an endless string of names you remember or that would ring a bell if you heard of them again.

Shall we? Ab Coaster, Ab Glider, Ab Circle, Ab Wheel, Ab Toner, Ab Roller, Ab Carver, and Ab Slider – all random examples of exercise equipment currently on the market that is designed to help you with getting six pack abs. What else do all of these pieces of equipment also have in common?

They don’t work!

That may come as a heavy statement. Eight different pieces of equipment that are currently sold, and sold in mass quantities to consumers just like you, are faulty products. This is not to say that the products are made with fault in design and the companies can be sued, but they do not serve the purpose that you expect.

The simple fact is that obtaining six pack abs comes with proper nutrition, not just direct ab training. If you have not heard already, spot reduction is just a myth. These pieces of equipment target your abs, which gives them a nice burn, but it does not do anything specifically to your mid-section. Instead, it will give you weight loss results that are mediocre at best and are still spread across your entire body.


Say goodbye to the idea that you have to buy any expensive equipment, or any flashy supplements, because you do not need to do any of that to get six pack abs. You simply have to take a few minutes of time to learn how getting abs works and then you can apply the fundamentals into your fitness and nutrition regimens.

Nutrition And How It Helps You Get Six Pack Abs

Spot reduction is a myth. The body loses fat cells at any equal rate. Body composition makes for where the weight loss is noticed first. Some are lucky to predominately store fat elsewhere besides their mid-section, but they lose fat at the same rate and distribution level as anyone else.

Your fat loss results are the majority of the battle in making your ab muscles more visible. This means that it is important to work to lower your body fat percentage. Typically, for males, six pack abs become more visible after reaching below 10% body fat and they are incredibly visible at 5% to 7% body fat levels.

So, you will need to lose weight to make your abs more visible. This means that your diet needs to be tailored towards weight loss. The primary principle here will be calories in versus calories out. If you take in more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. The opposite is true too, so you need to make sure that your caloric intake is lower than your required calories for the day.

Calculate your basal metabolic rate (BMR) with an online calculator. Then, cut 500 calories from that total. This is the highest deficit that can be generally advised. With 500 calories more going out than in, it will amount to 3,500 calories less per week than your required amount for weight maintenance. This is the amount of calories that need to be in a deficit in order to lose one pound.

Training And Its Effects On Getting Six Pack Abs

The majority of getting six pack abs comes from how you eat. You will want to be focused on weight loss. Your training will also be important though, as it affects your overall physical image. Weight training while burning off fat will allow you to maintain as much muscle mass as possible. This translates to more visible abs in the end, and it creates a better figure shape to make your abs more prominent.

When training abs directly, it is not necessarily advised to use weights. The reason for this is that weighted ab exercises are more likely to cause your waist to widen. By widening your waist, you will end up with a figure shape that takes away from your mid-section and makes your abs less prominent.

Instead, you will want to keep the weighted ab exercises for when you bulk up. This is when you try to put on muscle and eat over your maintenance amount. For now, while trying to lose weight, you can stick to bodyweight ab exercises.

There are many ab exercises that are not great though, especially sit-ups. This is an area where many are clueless and they end up doing ab workouts that have no benefit at all. There are various approaches to this, but the safest approach is to factor actual abdominal muscle activation and consider exercises that are highest ranked for that characteristic.

Studies using electromyography have been conducted to determine the muscular activity while performing various abdominal exercises. The traditional crunch serves as the baseline, registering in at 100% activity.

Take a look at the chart below to find out the top five exercises that activate your abdominal muscles.

Abdominal Exercise Electromyography Activity (%)
Bicycle Crunch 248%
Captain’s Chair 212%
Exercise Ball 139%
Vertical Leg Crunch 129%
Torso Rack 126%


Take a look at the chart below to find out the top five exercises that activate your oblique muscles.

Oblique Exercise Electromyography Activity (%)
Captain’s Chair 310%
Bicycle Crunch 290%
Reverse Crunch 240%
Hover 230%
Vertical Leg Crunch 216%


These are just some of the many different ab exercises that exist. These have tested the highest for activation levels in the mid-section. To draw a quick comparison, the ab rocker activates abdominal muscles for only 21% activity.

The Bottom Line – You CAN Get A Six Pack, But Do You Want To?

Many people want to work out, but not a lot of people really want to change their dieting ways. That is the true goal to six pack abs. You can sit on your rear 24/7 and feed your body with a caloric deficit, and you will be on your way to a six pack. On the flip side, you can spend four hours a day at the gym, eat wrong, and not see any real results.

Getting six pack abs comes down to burning fat and maintaining muscle. This requires a proper diet plan in place, and commitment to a weight training schedule as well. In the end, dedication and motivation conquers all. Just make sure you understand the truths on how to get six pack abs so you are not fooled and sent on a path that will take you nowhere.

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